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Khepera Von Stitches

Want to know where you can show off your cool costume?

Looking for a cosplay community devoted to what you want?

Need to find out how to meet up with other costumers like yourself?

Then the Jetpack Comics Cosplay Community is for you!

A place where you can find beginners to experts, willing to share their knowledge and info. Meet cosplayers.  Learn things.  Join workshops.  The Jetpack Cosplay community is waiting for you.

Jetpack Cosplay Community Mission Statement

The Jetpack Cosplay Community provides a safe venue for cosplayers of all levels to connect with and support one another, share resources and information, and express their love for the art and craft of cosplay.


Join the Jetpack Network of Cosplayers!

Register online and we'll add you to our growing ranks. See how some local folks are reallybringing cosplay to the next level.


Black Mask

Looking for a Cosplay Event?

Have your costume all ready to go, we put together a list of some of the best conventions to show it off.  



Where to get Cosplay Gear, Makeup & Equipment

Jumping into Cosplaying can be daunting, so we pulled together some of our favorite vendors. 


Our FCBD Cosplay Sponsors

Cosplay Idol

Cosplay Idol

Jetpack Comics is proud to have Richard Roberts of Cosplay Idol back for our 2nd annual Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest. Richard, with an extensive background in the fashion photography industry, is now making a big splash in cosplay photography! We are excited to have him as a sponsor for our Cosplay Contest and official photographer for all our cosplayers at the event.

Cosplay at Jetpack

Cosplay by McCall's

Cosplay by McCall's is a huge leader in providing good quality, easy to follow sewing patterns for the cosplay community. Seeing a lack in the diversity of patterns available to cosplayers, McCall's has made it a point to provide a wide variety of patterns that cosplayers can alter and interchange with other patterns making the cosplay imagination, limitless! Jetpack comics is proud to have them as a sponsor for our 2nd annual Free Comic Book Day Cosplay Contest, and is happy to announce that they have donated several amazing patterns as part of the prizes for this year's contest.
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